Our Patriot Ancestors

Discovered through research, we honor these Patriots with proven service during the American Revolutionary War who are direct ancestors of Linares Chapter, NSDAR, members.  As honored in William Tyler Page's "American's Creed," these brave Americans "sacrificed their lives and fortunes" to establish a government "upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity." 

Patriots are grouped by state of service and then listed alphabetically by last name. Scroll down to see whether you share an ancestor with one of our members! We hope these names help others in their quest to prove family lineage and their application to the DAR.

Feel free to explore the DAR's free public Genealogical Research System (GRS) to find  your Patriot ancestor!

In 2015, Linares Chapter, NSDAR, published a book of stories about member Patriots. A copy of the book was donated to the downtown San Diego Public Library.



Continental Line
Antoine Paulin, Capt

John Adams, Pvt
David Beebe, QMSgt
John Griswold, Pvt
Abel Griswold, Pvt
George Griswold, Sr., 2Lt
William Hodge, Sol
John Holley, Pvt
Joel Isbell, Pvt
Joseph Rockwell, Sr., Lt, CS
Lemuel Stedman, Pvt
Samuel Strong, Sol, PS
Joel Terrell, Cpl
Josiah Terrell, Capt
Nathaniel Warner, Pvt
Henry Withy, Pvt

Levi Lancaster, PS

John Bartlett, Sol
Nehemiah Bates, Pvt
Henry Bird, Pvt
James Carpenter, Pvt
Daniel Daggett, Lt
Josiah Everett, Sr., Pvt
John Frost, Pvt
James Gardner, Smn, CS
John Graham, Sr., Pvt
John Graham, Jr., Pvt
David Griffis, Sr., Pvt

Israel Haynes, Pvt
Moses Jewett, Sr., Capt

Philip Langdon, Pvt
William Libby, Pvt
James Nash, Pvt
Robert Phinney, Capt
Paul Pratt, Pvt
Joseph Robbins, Pvt
Elias Sage, Pvt
Simeon Shattuck, CS
Philip Short, Sr., PS
Jonathan Sprague, Pvt
John Tufts, Pvt
Jonathan Walker, Sr., Pvt
Sylvanus Warren, Sgt
Jesse Willis, CS

Stephen Bassford, Lt
Thaddeus Beall, Capt, PS
Philip Bowman, Ens
John Dodson, Pvt
Daniel Fooks, Pvt
Robert Hurdle, Pvt, PS
Gottleib Shearmiller, PS
Adam,Shipley, Capt
Edward Stewart, PS

North Carolina
Benjamin Baylies, PS
David Blackshear, Pvt
Patrick Boggan, PS
John Braley, CS
Thomas Breese, Cpl
John Burke, Pvt
Walter Burnside, Pvt
John Cade, Sol, PS
Adam Fiskes, Sol
John Franklin, PS
Thomas Grier, StaffOf
George Hammond, Pvt
Joseph Hester, Pvt
Malcolm Mcneil, Pvt
Thomas Tart, Pvt
Thomas Taylor, CS

New Hampshire
William Eastman, Pvt
John Folsom, Pvt
Samuel Gutterson, Pvt
Hinds Reed, Pvt, Drm
James Reed, BGen

New Jersey
Joel Condit, Sgt
David Conger, Pvt
Josiah Holmes, PS
Robert Little, Sgt
John Little, PS
John Ogden, Pvt
Matthias Wade, Pvt

New York
Augustinus Hess, Pvt, PS
John Suts, Pvt
Moses Wright, Capt

Nathan Baker, Pvt
John Bayard, Col
Brice Blair, Jr., Pvt
Brice Blair, Sr., PS
Andrew Carothers, Pvt
Friedric Carrick, Sol
Adam Coon, Pvt
Samuel De Haven, PS
James Dement, Sgt
Isaac Ferree, Pvt
Jacob Ferree, Pvt
Joel Ferree, PS
Joseph Green, PS
Abraham Haldeman, Pvt
John Hoffman, Pvt
Paul Kerber, Lt, QM
Jacob Kern, Pvt
Thomas Mcnary, Capt, PS
Dewalt Mechlin, Ens
George Myers, Pvt
William Purdy, Pvt
Henry Stonecypher, Pvt
Peter Sturgeon, Pvt
Robert Thompson, Pvt, PS
Martin Uhler, Pvt, PS
Adam Wentling, Pvt, PS

Rhode Island
Joseph Adams, Pvt

South Carolina
David Peden, Sol

Richard Allen, Pvt
Joseph Anthony, PS
Stephen Ashby, Capt
Bartlett Asher, Pvt
William Asher, Ens
William Ball, Lt
Benoni Banning, Pvt
Henry Barksdale, Sol
Carter Braxton, PS, SDI
Rene Chastain, PS
Thomas Cooper, PS
Josiah Davidson, Pvt, CS
Andrew Edmondson, Ens, CS
Peter Farrar, PS
Benjamin Harding, Pvt
Simeon Harris, Pvt
John Hartley, PS
Philip Irion, PS
Llewellen Jones, Capt
Ambrose Jones, Cpl, PS
William Kendall, Pvt
Jacob Lewis, Ens
John Linton, Capt
Jacob Mann, Jr., Pvt
James Marshall, Capt
John Marshall, PS
Jacob Mayo, PS
Daniel Mcpherson, Sol
William Newton, Sol
Spencer Norvell, Sol, PS
James Parsons, Capt, PS
George See, PS
Joseph Smith, PS
Charles Thrift, Pvt
Thomas Thweatt, Capt, PS
George Twyman, PS

Paul Chase, CS
Benjamin Everest, Lt
John Pennell, Capt
Return Strong, Pvt
Abraham Underhill, Capt, CS



2Lt-Second Lieutenant, BGen-Brigadier General, Capt-Captain, Col-Colonel, Cpl-Corporal, CS-Civil Service, Drm-Drummer, Ens-Ensign, Lt-Lieutenant, PS-Patriotic Service, Pvt-Private, QM-Quartermaster, QMSgt-Quartermaster Sergeant, SDI-Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Sgt-Sergeant, Sol-Soldier, StaffOf-Staff Officer.

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